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A graphic approach to pumping cubes / octahedra. 

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Kendrick Dave Jermaine

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Look, I’m glad ‘12 Years [A Slave]’ got made and it’s wonderful that people are seeing it and there is another view of what happened in America. But I’m not real sure why Steve McQueen wanted to tackle that particular sort of thing.

[‘Fruitvale Station’] explains things like the shooting of Trayvon Martin, the problems with stop and search, and is just more poignant. America is much more willing to acknowledge what happened in the past: ‘We freed the slaves! It’s all good!’ But to say: ‘We are still unnecessarily killing black men’ – let’s have a conversation about that.


Samuel L. Jackson


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Sam still took that paycheck though…

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Kevin Hart

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Mother of Black Teen Shot & Killed by Chicago Police Says Officers Wouldn’t Let Her See His Body | The Dissenter



Our fight does not begin nor end in Ferguson. Around the country many young black men and women are losing their lives to police brutality and excessive force. We cannot turn a blind eye to this. Fergson is not a singular event. Nor should our response to it be. Police brutality is an epidemic in the black and latino community and it needs to be stopped. 

The information about the cop involved in this case still has not been released and all I can ask is who’s child will be next. 


There was 2-3 different police involved shootings in the Chicago area within the past few days. 

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people forget that south africa ended apartheid only two decades ago

People also forget that because of that, there are severe anti-white sentiments in South Africa to the point that a lot of the white people there don’t feel safe in their own country

whose country?



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We live in a fucked up world.  God bless this babygirl and her family.

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"22 years ago, Martin debuted on Fox and my life was changed forever. S/O to y’all who have been supporting me all of these years. Much love."

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